Where do ITO trainees come from?

Investigate the backgrounds of ITO trainees

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To gain a better understanding of where ITO trainees and apprentices come from, we take all new intakes into each ITO we follow and categorise them each year prior to starting training, based on training enrolments and working history found in IRD records.

Year prior to starting training

The workforce was the largest source of trainees across each of the ITO's we follow, within which many were already employed in the industries related to their training. Of other sources, more BCITO trainees transition into apprenticeships straight out of secondary school. We see more university students move into Skills Org, while the workforce was a large source for Competenz.

To investigate areas of study in each ITO, right click on the ITO's bar and select ‘Drill Down’. Areas of training are sorted left to right by the number of trainees.

Investigating further back

When looking further back into the background of ITO trainees we find many have recently come from secondary schooling, however there is often a few years' gap of working or other training before they find themselves in ITO training. On the other hand, a significant portion of ITO trainees have had a long history working in the industry related to the ITO prior to first engaging in training with the ITO.

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Through the IDI we can track people through enrolments in education providers, through work in IRD records, and even overseas departures. This gives us the ability to see what trainees were doing in the years leading up to training.

Most ITO trainees come directly from prior employment, however we notice that out of these many have recently been enrolled in secondary schooling. This signals that there is often a gap between leaving secondary schooling and entering ITO training. 

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