Where do apprentices end up?

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To gain a better understanding of how ITO trainees progress within the workforce and their careers, we take cohorts of trainees that started each year between 2007 and 2016, and track their primary activity each year after starting training.

First year after starting training

In the year after starting ITO training most trainees are still enrolled in ITO training. Of those who are not, most are active in the workforce.

In the dashboard below, by right-clicking on a specific ITO's bar, and selecting 'Drill Down', we can investigate training areas. From the aggregate level it appears Skills Org had lower continued ITO participation, however when we dig deeper we can see that this is coming from sectors which typically offer only one-year courses. By contrast, BCITO and Competenz typically offer courses that span multiple years.

Looking further into the future of ITO trainees

Looking further ahead beyond the year after starting training, we observe a transition from ITO training into employement or self-employment without additional training. While some leave for employment in other industries, or pursue training, many remain engaged in the industry related to the ITO through employment, self-employment or continued training.

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Through the IDI we can track people through enrolments in education providers, through work in IRD records, and even overseas departures. This gives us power to see where people end up after training.

Of those who enter ITO training, we find most end up engaged within the same industry well into the future, with many progressing into self-employed roles.

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