Demographic breakdown of new entrants

Examine the the demographic breakdown of new entrants in context to the existing force

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In this analysis we investigate the different new entrant groups further, by breaking them down into their demographic characteristics: age, gender and ethnicity. We find typically new entrant groups are more diverse than the existing workforce in terms of gender and ethnicity. This could be a sign of increasing diversity across the sectors we follow, or it could be that these minority groups may have lower retention which would underrepresent them in the existing workforce.


In comparison to the existing workforce of the sectors we follow, there is a larger proportion of women arriving from tertiary study, beneficiary income, returning from overseas and other while fewer are entering straight out of seconday schooling.


We find that secondary school leavers make up the majority of new entrants under the age of 20, tertiary graduates contribute mostly to the 15-25 age groups, while immigrants contribute mostly to 20-30 year old new entrants. After the age of 20, career changers make up the largest source of new entrants.


In terms of ethnic breakdown, career changers closely reflect the existing workforce. Many immigrants enter work without their ethnicity linked in government database records. 

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