New entrants' prior industry

Explore the prior work history of new entrants

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In the article where do new entrants arrive from, we found that career changers, who are new entrants with a working history in other sectors, were the largest source of new talent across the sectors we follow. In this report we investigate in what industry each new entrant was working in prior to starting in their new sector. We find that while career changers are the only group linked to their work history, many new entrants in the other groups also have a work history. Of those who had a working history, many had experience in the wider related industry, such as agriculture for the dairy sector, and of those who did, they typically transitioned into higher income roles.

Is their prior working industry related to the new entrant's new sector?

Of new entrants with an observable working history, around 30% had experience within the related wider industry. Through enabling 'No work experience' by selecting the checkmark on the right-hand corner in the dashboard below, we see that most immigrants and secondary school leavers enter with no prior work experience.

Related work history linked to income band on entry

New entrants who had a working history in the wider related industry of the sector they moved into were more likely to move into higher income positions within their new sector.

Prior working industry breakdown

Across the sectors we follow, the related wider industry is the largest single industry source of new entrants. However, this is still only a fraction of all new entrants.

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