How qualifications correlate with retention

Investigate what qualifications are held by new entrants prior to starting work, and how they correlate with retention in their new sector

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To explore how qualifications are correlated with tenure, we search the Ministry of Education's database for formal qualifications completed by new entrants prior to moving into their new sector. 

First we look at the highest level of qualifications obtained. Overall there appears to be little to no difference between graduates at each level, however within construction there appears to be benefits to new entrants holding level 4 to 6 qualifications, likely apprenticeships from other construction sectors. Within agriculture, there is slightly higher retention in new entrants with levels 7 and higher qualifications. 

New entrants who have completed qualifications related to the industry of the sector they are moving into are more likely to retain long term. This is more evident within the construction industry.

An alternative source for individuals qualifications is the census. Because the 2006 census is not linked to IDI, the 2013 census was used. Caution is warned in inferring from these results as they may be indicitive of training conducted on the job, rather than qualifications held before starting. This may explain why we see a greater effect of level 4 to 6 qualifications for construction, which may be a result of greater retention in workers that go on to complete apprenticeships.

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