About Sweet Analytics


Supporting Women in the TradesWhat is Sweet Analytics?

Sweet Analytics is the home of the research and data analysis work created and developed by Scarlatti, in association with a range of partners.

Who is Scarlatti?

Scarlatti is a boutique management consultancy firm, with offices in Auckland and Hamilton. The team is made up of a small group of dedicated professionals who are highly qualified and have experience across a range of areas. Scarlatti's core capabilities include modelling and analysis, business planning, action research and evaluation. Visit their website at www.scarlatti.co.nz.

Why 'Sweet' Analytics?

In 2018, Scarlatti decided a space should be created in which the public could access the wealth of research and data analysis developed by the team over the years. This space was designed to be an educational hub for researchers, analysts, and professionals working in areas relating to the Social Science, Workforce, Economic, Employment and Training sectors, and so Sweet Analytics was created.

Where do we source our data?

Our data is sourced from the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), a large database managed by Statistics New Zealand. For more information on the IDI, see our Disclaimer.

Who are our industry partners?

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