Retention in the food and fibre sector of new entrants by source

In this dashboard we track how long new entrants from 2006 to 2009 retain within their sector. Career changers, returning kiwis and secondary school leavers have the highest retention.


New entrants are taken from years 2006 - 2009 and retention is calculated as the number of years working in the sector until 2017.

New entrants are categorised into the following groups based on any education enrolments in the year leading up to starting work, or work experience in the past five years. They are categorised in a ranked hierarchy of:

  1. Secondary school leaver (enrolled within one year of starting work)
  2. Tertiary graduate (enrolled within one year of starting work)
  3. Career changer (at least one year of work experience within any other sector)
  4. Immigrant (first arrived in New Zealand within one year)
  5. Beneficiary (history of beneficiary income)
  6. Returning Kiwi (return date to New Zealand within one year)
  7. Others and unknowns

Such that a new entrant recently enrolled in tertiary education with more than one year of work experience is classified as a tertiary graduate as opposed to a career changer.


Access to the anonymised data used in this study was provided by Statistics New Zealand in accordance with security and confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act 1975, and secrecy provisions of the Tax Administration Act 1994. The findings are not Official Statistics. The results in this paper are the work of the authors, not Statistics NZ, and have been confidentialised to protect individuals, households, businesses, and other organisations from identification. Read our full disclaimer here.


Outcomes of new entrants in food and fibre sectors

Compare how outcomes compare between different talent sources of new entrants

Retention New entrants Source of new talent