BCATS to ITO transition

This chart shows the proportion of BCATS alumni who are engaged in or have completed ITO training each year after last completing a BCATS standard. It can be filtered by gender and highest BCATS level.

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The BCATS alumni included here are anyone who successfully completed a BCATS standard at school since 2002. Each year after completing their last BCATS standard, they are classified as currently in ITO training, completed ITO training, ITO training incomplete to No ITO training. This training is with any ITO.

ITO training completion is defined as being recorded as successfully completing and/or receiving a qualification. Incomplete training is defined as having no completion recorded, and either an end date recorded in a previous year or the last start date being recorded over three years ago with no end date.


Evaluating BCATS

Analyse the effectiveness of BCATS in guiding students towards trades training

Gender Trades Longitudinal Time series Talent attraction Secondary to tertiary Women in trades