Gender breakdown in trades - Census

This chart shows the percentage of women in each trade sector in 2013 as determined from the census.

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When using census data we can use both industry and occupation data to classify people as workers in particular sectors. Our approach is to use a combination of core industries and occupations, and compatible occupations.

If someone works in a core industry and a compatible occupation, they are classified as working in the sector. Occupations are more specific in identifying people as part of trade workforce so anyone with a core occupation is classified as working in the sector.

Use the drop-down menu on the bottom-right to choose a sector. The tables below will show the lists of core and compatible industries and occupations used to define the sector workforces from the census data.


Women in trades over time

Track the number and proportion of women in trade sectors over time


Snapshot of women in trades

Explore the demographic and employment differences between men and women in trades from the census

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