Impact of ITO training on accidents

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Workers under 30 years of age in each trade sector are identified using the 2013 census. Only those in trade roles are included. Work-related ACC claims made by these workers within three years before or after the census. Because the census only gives a workforce at a point in time, we must choose a window around the census that is large enough to contain a significant number of claims, but small enough that not too many of the claims are made while the worker is in a different industry.

We determined whether each worker had received any training with an ITO relevant to their sector before the time of the census. Only workers under 30 years of age were included as complete ITO records only go back to 2003 so we cannot be sure of the training history of older workers.


Accident rates in the trades

Industry Training Organisation (ITO) training unexpectedly increases the amount of ACC claims each year.

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